Mobile Gaming Platforms: The Future of Online Gaming

As global use of smartphones increases, there is a corresponding rise in the popularity of online gaming. We look at the benefits of mobile gaming platforms.


According to recent statistics more than 22% of the global population own a smartphone. This is great news for the online gaming industry, which continues to grow at a staggering pace. Online casinos introduced a new era of convenience and comfort to bettors, who were now able to enjoy their favourite casino games and the thrill of gambling from the comfort of their own homes. Mobile gaming platforms take this convenience and comfort to the next level, allowing punters to access their favourite games wherever and whenever the mood strikes them. As access to smartphones and tablet devices continues to increase worldwide it seems likely that online casinos will penetrate markets that were previously unreachable and that the industry as a whole will consequently thrive. We take a look at some of the reasons why mobile gaming presents the future of online gaming.

Adding Excitement to Everyday Activities

Many bettors who regularly play at online casinos love the change of pace it introduces to their environments. Suddenly the space in which you perform mundane everyday activities – watching to make sure the kids do their homework, cleaning, cooking – can be transformed into a place where you could potentially win lots of money. This ability to add a little excitement to life’s more humdrum moments is equally true of mobile gaming platforms. Now the time spent waiting for your appointment with the dentist need not be filled with dread – you could be playing your favourite slots and taking your mind off things, maybe even making some money.

Immediate Access to Tournaments

If you consider yourself a serious slots or poker player, you probably participate in a fair number of slots or poker tournaments every year. Tournaments give you the chance to play against other players and to put your skills and strategies to the test. If you have already joined a mobile casino you don’t need to be told about the ease and convenience that these platforms bring to tournaments. If you sign up at a mobile casino you can take part in a sit-and-go while riding the bus or waiting at a restaurant for your takeout to be ready.

Big Bonuses

If you are an online gaming enthusiast but you have yet to sign up with a mobile casino, now is the time to do so. As mobile casinos are still relatively new on the scene, online casino companies are desperate to attract punters to these new platforms, which means that it is the best time for you to take advantage of the generous welcome bonuses designed to lure new players. Most mobile casinos will offer sign up bonuses, as well as regular promotional offers to keep players coming back for more. Remember to look at what’s on offer at a few mobile casinos before you make your decision, especially if you enjoy card or table games more than video slots, as not all casinos have bonuses specially designed for you. Some, such as Grand Fortune Casino, give players a generous match deposit bonus which applies to all games. As with everything else, you need to shop around a bit before you pick the mobile casino that best suits your needs.