Online gaming is a rapidly growing industry, with consistent growth and multi-billion dollar revenues. In 2015, the global online gaming sector is estimated to be worth nearly $183 billion. One reason the market is so successful is the varied choice of online casino brands, along with the attractive online casino bonuses that are on offer.

This growth is not something that happened overnight. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, there were far fewer options for online gamblers. Bonuses were introduced by the few online casinos that existed as an incentive to attract and secure regular customers. With less competition, these tended to be far more generous. Players were able to receive casino deposit bonuses that were equivalent or greater than their first deposit, meaning there was less risk and they were more likely to secure a profit.

More significantly, during this time there were far fewer terms and conditions on bonuses. Players were able to withdraw their bonuses with less restrictions. As the industry started to attract a larger consumer base, the market began to expand with more online casino brands. This increase in competitors was an issue, as players were able to move between different gaming brands, securing bonuses, taking a profit and moving on to a different website. This uptake in bonus abuse meant it was no longer sustainable for casinos to offer bonuses on the same terms.

Bonuses began to become more complex. Wagering requirements increased significantly, meaning players were required to place a certain value of bets before they could receive and withdraw their bonus. These requirements are also applied to any no deposit bonus, in an effort to encourage customer loyalty and increase spending. As a result of these stricter bonus conditions, it is far more difficult for new players to turn a profit.

In response to this, some online gaming brands are introducing different schemes and incentives for their customers. One example of this is casino codes, where players can get free spins, money back offers or even the chance to win prizes. is an online casino that does this particularly well. Guts casino codes are regular and varied, meaning there is something for all types of players, whether they enjoy slot, poker or casino games. They also do not limit their best deposit codes for Guts casino regulars, meaning that they are able to attract new players while also retaining and rewarding more frequent visitors.

Another alternative to complicated bonuses is VIP schemes. This is a popular choice among poker sites such as PokerStars, where the best rewards are available only for the most dedicated of players. This also creates an exclusivity among the most loyal and creates something for newer customers to aspire to.

Some bingo sites have opted to introduce even more simplified incentives, such as competitions and giveaways. But ultimately, the most successful casino brands will offer a variety, from sign up bonuses for new customers to loyalty rewards for more seasoned gamblers.