Technology has advanced exponentially in the last 10+ years, with the creation of the internet, mobile technologies and social media. These advancements have meant that offline businesses have had to adapt and grow, reaching out into the online world and utilizing all of the benefits that come with it. Since online casinos started appearing, reaching a mainstream audience in 1998, gaming has managed to reach an audience double to that of their physical casino counterparts.

As online casinos started to grow and spread worldwide, governing bodies decided to start taking action and take notice of the many licensed and unlicensed casinos appearing. After the boom in 1998, the US Senate attempted to ban online gambling altogether by creating the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act 1999. The bill failed to pass after much protest and online gambling continued to grow steadily.

That same year, multiplayer online gaming was introduced and allowed for the creation of a tight-knit online community of seasoned gamblers. This added an element started to attract more people to casinos, those that want to be able to socialise and play with gamers all around the world.

With the continuing advancement in technology, gamers can now download an app and play their favourite slot game or roulette game wherever they go. When online casinos first appeared, the only way for users to access them was through their desktop computers. Now they can easily log in wherever they are, at work, at home or on public transport. With mobile usage now beating out desktop usage by 55%, the continuing development of mobile devices looks to further the potential outreach of casinos.

Currently, the 3 most popular casino games that have made the successful transition have been slots, bingo and table games such as roulette, with online slots currently raking in around $775 million over a 12-month period.

One of the biggest ways online casinos have benefited the casino industry as a whole is allowing those who would never normally step foot into a casino, to play the games from the privacy of their own homes. This new level of privacy and discreet playing has helped to see a huge rise in female users, with 47% of US gamers now being female. In the past, casino floors were predominantly male dominated and potentially deterred women from playing. Now, online casinos have helped the gaming industry see a 12% increase of players, most likely down to casino, slots, betting and bingo sites.

Overall, online casinos have seen a 34% increase in revenue, with the net worth estimated at $7.4 billion back in 2003, which has now increased to a phenomenal $41.4 billion in 2015. It has been said that this increase in online activity could mean the end of bricks and mortar casinos, with Las Vegas already stating that most of their tourist income now comes from the extravagant shows like Cirque Du Soleil and Celine Dion, rather than from gambling. It’s been suggested that if offline casinos want to keep afloat, they should look at combining both online and offline gambling, seeing some of the biggest casinos offer online gaming straight from their site, as well as their casino floors.


Infographic provided by Smartmobile Casino