Betting on baseball is a great way to have fun and earn some easy money in the process, but as with any other form of gambling, it is fairly risky and requires extensive knowledge on the sport, a certain amount of bravery and some luck to top things off.

If you’re in it for the excitement, then extra research is not really necessary, but if your goal is to earn extra cash, then learning all that you can about the game, about specific teams and specific players within those teams will be crucial for your success. The internet will be your biggest ally here, not only will you use to do the much needed research, but you will also have many of the legal USA baseball betting sites to choose from to bet without leaving your house.

That’s why my number one tip for betting on baseball is to…

  • Do your research

I’ve decided to put this on the number one spot because it is probably the most important thing to do. Knowing a team, where they play (home or away) are the players in form, how did key players perform in the last couple of games, not to mention any injuries or suspensions, those elements will help you determine whether a team will win or not.  It does mean you will have to invest a lot of time following a particular team, but that’s not a big problem because…

  • You shouldn’t bet early in the season

The start of a season is probably the worst time to bet. Teams are not yet in their desired form, and some have brought new players and new additions to the team which still need to fit in. However, favourites will still be favourites, which means it will be much easier for you to lose a lot of money, even though you thought you were betting safe. Instead, you should use the first couple of games in a season to research a team and start following their results.

  • Think of streaks

If a team is on a winning streak, you should really think twice before putting your money on them. The more games a team wins, the lower your earnings will be. However, a team that’s on a winning streak usually gets put under enormous pressure and scrutiny, leaving much room for failure and errors. Instead, watch a team that has mixed results, they are usually trying their absolute best to win a couple of games in a row.

  • Consider the Park

Even though this is not football, where home ground really makes a huge difference, it is still a large advantage for a team to be playing on home soil. That’s mostly because of the comfort zone – players will feel safer and more relaxed when they’re on the pitch they train on every day, as well as when they’re surrounded by home fans cheering them on. It is somewhat of an unwritten rule that the home team has bigger chances of winning.

  • Bet on the end result

There are many ways you can bet on a certain game. Who will play, who will hit the first strike, who will make a home run. But the safest, and probably the easiest way to bet is to play on the end result. Who wins, and who loses. And if you follow a specific team, know who’s playing and in what form, it becomes even easier.

  • Scout the pitchers

Many tipsters out there will tell you that there is not a single sport out there in which one person has such control over the odds, as much as the pitcher has in Baseball. Scouting pitching matchups has to be the part of your everyday routine.

  • Limit the number of games you play

Betting on five, six, seven games can be exciting and entertaining, but you’re minimising your chances of success. If you are serious about making money through betting, you should limit the number of games you play. If you can play only one game, that would be the best choice.