Betting on a team scoring runs may seem easy. You think you know a team, its offensive weapons, and the way its pitcher is trending. So you make the bet and ride it out. A few singles, an error, and a quirky inning or two later, and you realize you may need to put more research into betting over/unders than you think. Let’s look at some tips and a quick explanation to give you a headstart on your next over/under bet.

Research the Trends

First, let talk about what exactly an over/under bet is. An over/under bet is the set number of total runs both teams may score. Choosing either higher or lower than the set number is the over/under bet. For example if the over/under total is set at 8, then you can basically choose whether both teams combined runs will score over or under. If an over/under total line is set at 9.5, then for the over to hit, the total number of runs must reach 10 or higher. If the total is a whole number like 7, and one team beats another with a score of 4-3, the total falls right on the score of the over/under and the bet would be considered a push.

Individual Team Over/Unders

In addition to total over/unders, some betting sites will offer individual team over/unders. For example the Cincinnati Reds over/under could be 3.5 and the Chicago Cubs over/under 4. This gives you the option to research more individual team data and focus on one team’s scoring habits. However, the total over/under may not be the exact sum of both team’s individual over/unders.

Many factors go into making the total over/under bets work in your favor, so make sure you do the proper research to pick the winner.