Although Usain Bolt is the big favorite to win the 100m race in London Olympics 2012, it’s unlikely to break the world record according to sports betting odds. Earlier this month, Usain Bolt has told CNN that he can break his own 100m world record of 9.58secs, which was set at the World Championship in Berlin 2009. Bettors are doubtful, given the fact that decimal odds of a new 100m world record in London 2012 Olympic Games are 4.8 at Betfair 2 weeks before the 100m final race. In the meantime odds for Bolt winning the 100m race are drifting from 1.40 to 1.85 reflecting the probability of a Yohan Blake’s surprising win. In case of any other sprinter beating those athletes including Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin, it will certainly be regarded as a shocking win, since their odds are well above 20.0!

190,000 euros have already been matched at the betting exchange, the majority of which have been wagered on Bolt. People began betting on the Jamaican in the most popular athletic event of summer Olympics 2012 at 1.40 but the market quickly pushed the odds higher to 1.70. A few days later odds resumed trending upwards and met resistance at 2.00. 9 euros were matched at 2.20, setting that figure as the all-time high. Bolt’s odds to win the 100m race pulled back to 1.75 and gamblers are now risking 1 euro to win 85 cents.


Regarding the 100m world record betting market, turnover is comparatively low with just 10,000 euros being traded at Betfair. Almost 7.5K have selected the negative answer of whether there will be a new 100m world record in Olympics 2012. As the odds have failed to climb above 1.30, I can’t see how Bolt will manage to better his own world record. Additionally, in case the odds for Bolt’s win climb higher than 2.00, I may actually predict a defeat for Usain Bolt at the 100m race of London 2012 Olympic Games! And if he doesn’t win, I don’t expect any other sprint star to break the world record at 100m.