2012 Wimbledon tennis games have been suspended due to rain but that doesn’t prevent gamblers from keep on betting! For the betting tips of Wimbledon I’ll be referring to the Betfair graphs for the mens’ tournament winner. According to those graphs, Djokovic (@1.7) is the big favorite to win 2012 Wimbledon, followed by Federer (@6.60) who are both qualified to quarterfinals having their 4th round matches completed. Murray (@7.0) is the third favorite tennis athlete to win Wimbledon this year and is currently in front 1-0 (7-5, 3-1) in the suspended game against Cilic, whilst Tsonga (@19) is behind 0-1 (4-6, 1-1) versus Fish.


The odds graphs of the first 3 favorite tennis players lead to tipping Djokovic for 2012 Wimbledon winner. Lower lows in the betting graph and no signs of trend’s reversal clearly state that the Serbian tennis player is going all the way to the trophy. On the contrary, Federer’s odds movement is worrying, since odds failed to print new lows below 4.0 and even failed to reach that support level going as low as 5.0! Federer, who has qualified to quarter finals and has no suspended match to resume playing, watch his odds confirm the new support level at 5.0 with a double bottom formation. Technical analysis proclaims Federer’s disqualification before the final, or at least him not being able to win the Grand Slam. Regarding Murray’s betting graph, the key support level between 6.0 and 7.0 suggests a lay bet, although Murray is leading the suspended game versus Cilic. Obviously if Murray wins the game, the support level will be broken and we need to exit the market taking a loss. At the same time it would be a good time to back Murray due to the support breakout.


Moving on to the next 3 betting graphs, Tsonga’s odds have been dropping until they met resistance at 10.0. The triple level’s confirmation and the odds’ drift predict further climbing of the odds and possibly an early tournament exit for Tsonga, even in the tennis match against Fish. Concerning the betting graphs of del Potro and Ferrer, the winner of their 4th round clash which hasn’t yet started, will watch his odds fall to lower prices. Personally I would pick del Potro and lay Ferrer’s odds, as the key support level of Ferrer is must more credible than del Potro’s. That doesn’t mean I am predicting del Potro’s win, rather than Ferrer’s odds drifting more likely than del Potro’s.


Kohlschreiber beat Rosol in the previous round, the tennis player who actually sent Nadal home upsetting the Wimbledon tournament. Bets have been matched up to 1000.0 and odds seem to ease out at 100. Kohlschreiber is facing Baker in a game that hasn’t yet begun. The uptrend of Cilic’ odds is the result of his suspended game against Murray as I mentioned earlier. Since I already trust the support level of Murray’s odds, I’ll point out the resistance level in Cilic’ betting graph that has been confirmed three times (400-500). Perhaps an unexpected outcome in this tennis match shouldn’t be ruled out. Meanwhile Gasquet’s betting graph is a totally different story, as the odds decline completed a double bottom formation at 100 and printed a new high since then. Tennis tips predict that Gasquet won’t go through to quarter finals, being already behind versus Mayer (3-6, 1-2).


The final 3 tennis betting graphs show the consolidation of Baker’s odds between 200 and 400, the big decline of Fish’ odds that have met resistance at 100 and the very low volume of Mayer’s bets, despite the significant downfall. On these grounds I would avoid betting on Baker, I would trust Fish’ odds decline in accordance with my mentions about Tsonga and I would definitely back Mayer, who leads versus Gasquet. The 13th tennis player competing in 2012 Wimbledon is Youzhny, who competes against Federer in the quarter finals.

Concluding from the above, these are the 2012 Wimbledon betting tips right before the games resume:

  • Djokovic’ wins continue.
  • Federer won’t win 2012 Wimbledon.
  • Tsonga might lose versus Fish.
  • Cilic could turn around the match versus Murray for a surprise win.
  • Mayer’s odds continue falling, making it through to quarterfinals.