Betfair Trading Tips of Formula 1 drivers’ graphs – German GP 2012


Formula 1 drivers are racing today in Germany. Betting odds fluctuations of German GP 2012 have offered a couple of Betfair trading opportunites but not something spectacular. Sebastian Vettel’s odds have been shortening from 4.0 down to 3.0, as well as Alonso’s since the qualifying excellent result. Alonso’s odds had been traded at 7.0 when the Formula 1 driver managed to win the pole position in today’s German GP. They are starting in the first line of the racing grid, followed by Michael Schumacher and Nico Hulkenberg, due to Webber’s penalty, who had the third best time in Saturday’s qualification.


There’s not much to talk about the first two Formula 1 drivers’ Betfair graphs. Perhaps the confirmed support level at Vettel’s graph could be proven strong and indicate a bad start for the German driver that might prevent him from winning the German GP. In case the odds do break below the support level, following the established trend sounds like one of the best Betfair trading strategies.

Since Webber received a penalty for unscheduled gearbox change, his odds have quickly drifted to 25.0 indicating a strong uptrend. A retracement to 16.0 shouldn’t be ruled out, although a pullback to starting odds (7.5) would certainly be a surprising development. Lewis Hamilton’s disappointing qualifying result (8th) had an immediate effect on the Betfair graph. Trading Hamilton’s odds might have trapped some traders, given the weak downtrend that initially seemed to develop. Odds are likely to continue climbing, although there’s a good chance they retrace to 8.0 to confirm the support level.


Other notable drifting odds include Rosberg’s and Schumacher’s. The latter’s great qualifying performance led bettors and traders to back his odds. The resistance level at 25.0 may not be that strong while for the time being we can’t predict a drop below 12.5. In the meantime Rosberg’s odds have pulled back to 125, confirming the support level at the Betfair graph. Trading Rosberg’s odds in favor of an uptrend must have been performed by some traders, since the trend had begun establishing from the beginning. It was just a matter of time when the uptrend would accelerate and the qualifying stage provided the necessary “fuel” to let that happen.


In conclusion, I would wait for a breakout at Vettel’s graph or a confirmed reversal before trading on Betfair. Another option is to wait for a pullback of several uptrending odds and take advantage of established uptrends. However, I don’t consider myself a Formula 1 Betfair trading expert, so let me know of your sports trading tips for today’s Formula 1 German GP.