It is true that over the past few years the online gambling sector has reached never before seen heights. Sure, some land-based casinos are seeing the adverse effects of the online growth, but there are still some Canadian land-based casinos that are achieving impressive growth in their own right. In fact, when you review last year’s statistics they show that the gaming association grossed over $31 billion. And, there is only more growth expected. So, what is it that is making these Canadian casinos such a hit and how are they able to compete with the online marketplace?

More And More Accepting Forms Of Government

The governing laws are without a doubt making a major impact on the way that the Canadian casinos are evolving. As of right now, there are no centralized standards set over an entire area. This means that each state government is allowed to set its very own gambling regulations for each province. Due to these revelations many Canadian provinces are becoming more and more relaxed on their gambling laws. Quebec was one of the first of many provinces to grant license to international operators. All these relaxed laws and regulations led to great revenue increases for the casinos, which is only making them flourish and thrive.

Strong Heritage Background

With more and more new casinos Canada the citizens are starting to realize that there is a strong cultural heritage revolving around gambling and Canada. In fact, 350 years before the country was even established as Canada, there were tons of natives in the area that were partaking in all sorts of gambling activities. They were playing these games for mental and spiritual purposes, but they had no ideal that it would lead the industry to what it has become today.

Canada Is A World Competitor

As far as land-based gambling go, Canada is a world competitor. In 2013, the World Economic Forum ranked the country the “14th most competitive nation economically among 148 countries, according to CBC Canada. The report said Canada’s efficient financial markets, labor and goods, as well as well-functioning institutions contributed to the countries high ranking.

While American casinos are expending into new territories, Canadian casinos are expanding locally, as the government and locals become more accepting of the industry.

Social Gambling

Social gambling is drawing more people to Canadian-based brick-and-mortar casinos. Blackjack, poker and roulette are just a few examples of casino games that offer social interaction for players. In fact, players can communicate, while competing against each other. This allows visitors to the casinos to form new relationship and spend time with others, including total strangers.

While online casinos are extremely popular, nothing compares to the brick-and-mortar casino experience. Playing in the comfort of your home or office is nice, but it leaves little room for players to interact with other players. Land-based casinos offer a very social environment that opens up doors of opportunities for visitors to enjoy the company of real people.

Whether you are playing a game of poker or pulling the lever at the slot machine, you can still interact with other people. The idea is to allow visitors to gamble until their heart is content, while having fun and interacting with real people.

Photo by Cris DiNoto