There’s no question that online poker and casino games, collectively known as iGaming, are more popular than ever. But you might be surprised to learn just how long these exciting games have been around. The first real money online casinos and poker rooms popped up during the early internet boom of the late 1990s, becoming pioneers in interactive, web-based entertainment.

The casino industry has long embraced emerging technology to stay on top of trends and deliver fresh experiences to players. So, it makes perfect sense that the love affair between iGaming and tech has continued in recent years, with an explosion of casino and poker apps available for mobile and tablet devices.

The convenience factor must sit atop any list of how iGaming apps are revolutionizing online casinos and drawing players from the world over. Traditional online casinos and poker sites, while enabling players the ability to bet and win from the comfort of home, require a desktop computer or a bulky laptop. However, iGaming mobile apps provide much more flexibility and freedom. Players can now enjoy their favorite slots, table games and even sports wagering anytime anywhere.

As technology advances and mobile games become more life-like with live dealer video streams and community play progressive options, the line is blurred between the online casino experience and land-based casinos. Players get to hold the casino in the palm of their hands when opening their favorite iGaming mobile app.

The wide selection of casino and card games offered by mobile apps is another benefit players love. Land-based casinos may offer more games, but at the end of the day, all the attractions must fit within four walls. Fortunately, there is no such limitation when it comes to casino apps. From old favorites like blackjack, roulette and three-reel slots to cutting-edge themed games on the newest platforms, there is no limit to the number of titles you will find when you play iGaming mobile apps. The selection is bigger and better than anywhere else.

And in the casino app world, you’ll never get the dreaded “been there, played that” fatigue of playing the same few games over and over because brand new, exciting content is always released.

Everyone loves to be rewarded for loyalty, and the best apps in iGaming have your back for being a repeat customer. Loyalty points or bonuses are offered to players who frequent their favorite online casinos based on how much they play and/or money deposits. Whether you win, lose or draw, you’re earning loyalty points as you play. These points can then be exchanged for casino credits or prizes. While land-based casinos may offer perks to high rollers, they won’t pat you on the back just for walking in the door the way online casino apps will.

Of course, not all iGaming mobile apps are created equal. Buggy, difficult to use or not-so-reputable apps do exist, and you may stumble across one or two. Do a little research to find good casino apps that feature the games you love, first-rate customer service and entice loyalty programs. This is where experience can be an asset. Players who have enjoyed online casinos before will recognize and trust familiar names like PokerStars when checking out mobile apps available in the Google Play store.

In our tech-driven world, iGaming mobile apps deliver unparalleled convenience, a selection of games and player loyalty rewards. It’s just increasingly difficult for land-based casinos to compete with traditional business models. So, do your homework, choose an outstanding iGaming app and take back your casino experience.

Photo by MOHI SYE, CC0