A breakout above the resistance level was the reason I am publishing this sports trading video. The horse race took place this afternoon and once again I traded the favorite horse’s odds with a small bankroll, just EUR200. The video recording was done while trading live although I was able to draw some basic support and resistance lines, but added the commentary shortly afterwards so that I stay focused the whole time. In the end I made almost 5 euros by using EUR50 in each of the trading orders, using the maximum of my trading capital as the odds fluctuated between 3.50 and 4.50.

The sports trading video is an excellent example of how to make money when a breakout occurs at Betfair graphs. I’m using the Geek’s Toy Betfair software, which is very responsive and helps to submit bets almost instantly. Yet, my decisions depend on the graph itself and the market depth, looking for verification before submitting my trades.

I no longer trade the horse racing markets at the betting exchange full time, as I find it a lot more difficult than a couple of years ago. See for yourself my personal [intlink id=”2297″ type=”post”]sports trading system performance[/intlink] at that time.