oCharts is a web-based charting platform delivering real-time horse racing Betfair graphs, that offer traders plenty of data to apply technical analysis. I was contacted by the team that brought Betfair and NinjaTrader together via Quantsports, informing me about the free beta version of oCharts.com. The new Betfair tool includes many popular technical indicators ready to be added in sports betting graphs, while at the same time users can draw anything on the real-time graphs, like Fibonacci Retracement levels! Sophisticated Betfair software like A Geek’s Toy and BetAngel already included some of those tools, but oCharts is a bit different. It constantly monitors and tracks Betfair horse racing markets so that when traders select a race, they can immediately see 3-hour data ready to be analyzed!

Before oCharts, Betfair traders needed to leave their computers running their favorite software for several hours, in order to track all odds movements and have a useful graph plotted. If they didn’t, each time they loaded a new horse racing market, the graph began drawing from that exact moment, not allowing any significant analysis during the first minutes of monitoring. Using oCharts tool you can now access any horse racing market of Betfair and have useful data to work with right from the start, even if you load the market 2 minutes before the race’s off!

Apart from the invaluable Betfair data, oCharts do offer pretty much all the technical indicators you are going to need. In the image below, I have selected a candlesticks’ 1-minute graph that includes the hourly exponential moving average and the RSI showing overbought and oversold conditions. You can experiment with the graphs that oCharts offer in real-time and possibly make better trading decisions.


For the time being, anyone can access the beta version of oCharts.com and apply technical analysis on graphs resembling a lot the charts you can find at finance.yahoo.com,. What’s more, traders don’t even need to download any piece of software since the Betfair tool is available as a web-based platform! I guess football and tennis traders will be disappointed, but if you are a regular trader of horse racing Betfair markets, I’m sure your trading will be benefited by oCharts.com!