Over the last five years, the online casino industry, moreover the betting industry as a whole, has started to move towards realism. Although the early intention of software developers was to offer a more efficient version of live casino games in a virtual setting, the trend has since shifted towards a desire for more interaction, more entertainment and more engagement.

Although modern online casino platforms still contain a slew of digitally enhanced offerings, the weight of public opinion is now shifting towards realistic gaming options. Through a combination of live web streams, RFID chips and software that bridges offline and online interfaces, casino operators are now able to offer the likes of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em in a unique way.

A Movement Away from the Virtual to the Real

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Instead of players having to log into a platform and watching a series of animations taking control of their fortune, players can now access live dealer casino tables and not only play, but chat with actual humans. That’s right, actual dealers and croupiers that are trained to the highest standards and tucked away in a remote location.

When you look at the history of casino gaming and the industry’s place in popular culture, the overriding feeling is that gamers love the thrill of real gaming. Although the online casino industry revolutionised and reinvigorated the industry as a whole, people are now starting to crave some sense of reality. Indeed, the most important stories and figures in popular culture have shown that from the time of the Romans to before the launch of online operators, the best casino tales have all taken place in glitzy venues.

Players Want the Best of Both Worlds

Of course, with modern gamers also wanting a combination of speed, efficiency and accessibility, it’s not completely the case that live casinos rule. In fact, because players now want the best of both worlds, online operators have had to innovate and that’s given rise to live dealer casino tables. Through this combination of RFID and streaming technology, casino gamers can now indulge their natural instincts in a setting that fits with their modern expectations.

Naturally, if online live dealer tables weren’t up to scratch then people wouldn’t have taken to them in the way they have in recent years. Fortunately, developers have got it right and managed to use the latest technology to seamlessly stitch together the two gaming worlds and create the following benefits for players:

More Interaction: One of the biggest reasons for the success of live dealer casino games in recent years is the amount of interaction they provide. Instead of players having to sit on their own and click buttons in exchange for bets, live dealer tables are multi-player and that instantly breeds a sense of interaction. Add to this a real dealer who is trained to oversee games and hold conversations with players, and you’ve got an interface that’s instantly more engaging than players have previously been able to access. Additionally, live dealer casino games give players more scope to implement betting strategies at the roulette tables and beyond as well as mathematical sports betting methods adapted for the casino world.

Still As Efficient: Although live dealer tables have lost something of the efficiency virtual games have, the software controlling these games have been melded in such a way that players can still ante-up faster than they can in a real casino. One of the main reasons players can ante-up more efficiently is that the system remembers a player’s previous bets which means a single click sets the pace. In a high street venue the player has to manually count out chips each time they want to place a bet; online this can be done in a split second. As well as being efficient, online casinos are also extremely safe. Thanks to a range of features, such as RSA tokens, your bankroll is always secure.

Novel Interface: Another reason live dealer games have gathered steam in the last few years is their novelty. That’s not to denigrate the games and suggest the technology is a fad, that’s to say that the technology is so different to what’s gone before it that players are intrigued to the point of fascination. Whenever something new bursts onto the gaming scene it instantly courts the attention of the masses.

Live Dealer Casino Games Part of a Larger Gaming Movement

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Of course, without a slick design and entertaining interface, this initial attraction will soon fade. Live dealer games haven’t lost their initial hype because they seem to combine all the best elements of live and online gaming. Not only that, but with console gamers now starting to embrace the virtual reality world, live dealer casino games are more relevant than ever. The interaction between the virtual and the real is something that’s going to get even bigger in 2016 thanks to companies such as Oculus Rift.

Live dealer casino games are part of a much larger movement in gaming. As players of all persuasions strive for greater realism, greater interaction and greater entertainment, live dealer games and virtual reality will become even bigger forces in the gaming arena.