Winning is What it is All About at LCB


What does it take to be a winner? Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) has all the answers. To rise to the top, it takes knowledge and know-how and a smart gambler is an educated gambler. That is why LCB works at providing the best, most accurate information on the gambling industry to guide players in the right direction and set them on their way to being a winner.

LCB has a Members Interview page filled with personal experiences about members winning stories. One such story was from Cheetahwind who had a fantastic winning streak at BitCasino:

“My first part of my win was off of a 0.5 BTC deposit (which is about $121 USD), which amount to a 9.36 BTC (approx $2,330 USD) win off of a 5 king tut hit on Queen of the Nile.

To which on the session I had cashed out 10 BTC (approx $2,420 USD), to which I turned 6 of those coins into cash right away. Which got me a nice cash out of $1,400 via wire. Which from deposit to wire transfer. I made a deposit at 8:30 AM, and had the wire in my bank account by 1:15 that afternoon.

Now of course, I don’t use the traditional methods for selling my bitcoin. I use local 3rd party traders, instead of Coinbase and Circle. Which sometimes the price of the coin is higher, or sometimes lower. It’s the fact compared to the other 2 services, I can purchase my coin without needing to fork over a bunch of personal information. Which is why the turnaround time is faster. Is the fact that I’m dealing with 1 3rd party person who wants to get my money fast as possible. So they can get their coin released from escrow.

Then I made another 1 BTC deposit into At which I hit for 6 BTC (approx $1452) on Explosive Reels. A very nice game wherein the bonus, a random symbol is picked. In this case, the J symbol was picked. Any 3 jacks appearing on the reels. Expanded moved over to the left, and made for any possible 3, 4, or 5 of a kind combinations. Resulting in a nice 6 BTC win on that game.

Then I moved over to Dragon Power. A machine wherein the bonus, when a wild symbol substitutes any part of the win it can be multiplied. At that point, I had hit 5 of a kind Aces, and 4 of a kind fish. The multiplier turned out to be 30x the win. Which turned that into a nice 32 BTC (approx $7744) win. To which I cashed out 40 BTC (approx $9,680)”

Encompassing an international level of member from around the world here is an interview with Maryna99 who lives in Poland and plays 3-4 times a week:

“I generally play BJ, on Netent casinos. I trust table games because I think that I have an influence on the game result.”

“Wild Turkey is a good game, scatters symbols and wild are the same, you got 15 free spins with stacked wild symbols.”

Lady luck was really on his side because he ended up winning “14000zł = 3500 Euro”.

Established in 2006 (yes it is their 10th anniversary), the affiliate site has seen many winners over the past decade. The biggest member win happened in December 2014:

“Blueprint Gaming’s The Pig Wizard jackpot Slot Game reached €332,208 before being won by one of our very own members!

Sebastian K, or snoopy2104 as he is known to the LCB community, won the massive Gold Progressive Jackpot while spinning at a €2 stake at Ladbrokes.

The Pig Wizard offers a few special features including Wild Reels, Trail of Magic Bonus Game, Squeal or No Squeal Bonus Game, Magic Mirror Free Spins Bonus and of course, the chance to win the Gold Progressive Jackpot.

In order to win the jackpot, players must locate the space on the Magical Map that will award the prize.”

Snoopy2104 first shared his winning experience at the LCB forum:



DreamRJ hits it big:

“Hi LCB’ers,

I had an amazing day today, reason I posted this late was cos I was waiting for them to upload the winning video for me

I deposit £15 in jackpot today, played for an hour or so and got the balance to about £40 then had progressive and won £350, so withdrew £320, then carried on playing and then an hour later I got this and withdrew a total of £3,020 WOW WOW WOW.”

But it is not only members that have one hefty Jackpot, forum moderator at LCB shared her winning experience:

“I don’t even know where to begin. I played at Lucky Red last week. To say I have been lucky is an understatement. I just a weeks time I have cashed out on 2 separate occasions. Once for $1000 and a few days later for $900.

I had some good luck again……I played Club World Casino Slot and made a nice hit which put me up over $800. I teetered at that for nearly two hours of play. As my bankroll went down to $600 I decided to play my next favorite game…….Mayan Queen!

I had already made the playthrough requirements and was determined not to go below $550 where I would cash out. I held my own for over an hour. I hit a couple of nice bonus rounds that put me now at $700. I teetered here between $600-$700 for nearly an hour……….

Then the unthinkable happened!!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden out of the blue a screen pops up…..a screen that I have never seen before. There are fireworks in the background and sounds of celebration that read this………..

Congratulations you have just won the RANDOM JACKPOT!!!! LCB’ers…….i won the random jackpot for $6,157.13!!!!!!! on a .50 bet! Now I have to say though I was excited I was leery. I thought ok there is probably a catch to the deposit bonus and I can only cash out a small amount.

So I waited……..I check my account every hour on the hour……..when guess what………… was approved in 10 hours!!!!! Now I can only cashout $3000 per week. The balance will be cashed out next week!!!!

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i really really did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

There have been many successful winners pass through the virtual doors of LCB. Keeping informed, knowing where to play and the standard rules employed at each online Casino are key factors to winning and withdrawing hassle free. Know what Casinos are recommended and which ones to strictly avoid before making a deposit. Finding a trustworthy and resourceful Casino affiliate site is the best place to start whether you are a newbie and have never played online before or a season player. As technology advances and new virtual gambling portals open up, being on the cutting edge of the latest innovations and information is what every player should strive for.