The Internet explosion that now dominates so many areas of life has extended to the world of sportsbetting too. Every year the online bookmaking industry generates billions in revenue, and some people have reached the conclusion that land-based bookies are feeling the effects of this. However, a closer look reveals that this is not the case at all.

Top Betting Sites, a leader in sportsbook reviews and betting advice recently published an infographic comparing online and offline sportsbooks. Interestingly, the findings suggest that both types of sportsbook are thriving, and that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Recent Growth and Developments in Sportsbooks

It seems that the betting industry, both online and offline, has flourished over the past 2 years. Always a popular pastime around the world, bookies are currently doing better than ever. This is due, in part at least, to the increase in major bookie brands sponsoring popular teams, physically advertising at sports stadiums and advertising on television during sports broadcasts.

Recently, the tide of the sponsorship wave that bookmakers have been riding appears to have turned. The English Football League has just ended its long-standing sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes betting agency, citing criticisms that had been leveled at it for encouraging gambling while punishing players for betting violations. The effect that this will have on the profits of online and offline bookmakers remains to be seen, and at the moment, it seems to still be on the rise.

A Place for Every Type of Betting Shop

Surprisingly, land-based betting shops are actually in the lead at the moment, with £1.5 billion more than online sites in gross gambling yield. A lot of this could be down to the need for routine; for many punters visiting their local bookmaker is an important daily ritual that they couldn’t imagine doing without. While online bookmakers give you a lot more flexibility and choice, a quick study will show you that most online and mobile punters stick to routines too. These daily activities are clearly very important, and it’s not entirely surprising that for many people the physical act of visiting a betting shop is so intrinsic.

The flipside of the comfort of land-based regularity is that, to a new punter, the atmosphere of old-timers and seasoned bettors can be quite intimidating. But, when they have infiltrated the fold they will be on the receiving end of tips and personal experience that can be worth its weight in gold.