The amount of capital, required by a player in order to earn a basic monthly salary from professional betting, depends on the implemented betting system. Professional betting implies that wagering is accomplished sufficiently enough to generate an extra income.

However, besides profit, capital management must be taken into account because the possible loss of capital and, consequently, “unemployment” is always a risk. If we are talking about an occupation, which we aim sometime in the future to replace our current job with, we should be serious about it.

By securing our capital we protect our enterprise, which in this case is sports betting.

How much capital you need for a sports betting career

capital-sports-betting-extra-incomeI often notice on popular betting websites, forums and sports pages questions about how much capital a player must allocate in order winnings from sports betting to become an extra income on the monthly budget. Although the prerequisite of effective betting is actually missing, as a successful betting system is not yet formulated by most players, some claim that what holds them back from professional betting is the lack of sufficient capital.

Many say that if capital was available, they could manage to earn money from sports betting every month.  If only they had the money, bookmakers would be wiped out! Others go so far as to suggest they have discovered the recipe to the daily profit.

Unfortunately, they lack the necessary amount of capital.

Doesn’t anyone ever wonder how come those who do not have the capital do have the system, while those who have the capital are still looking for a betting system?

If you are one of those players, stop thinking that way.

It is a mistake to believe that capital is what will allow you to earn your living from sports betting. More capital provides the comfort to test new methods, to be flexible.  Yet, it does not convert a failing betting system to a winner.

If you bet hundredfold your capital using a wrong system, you will eventually lose 100 times more.

I read that an amount of €20,000 should be enough to start betting professionally. Apparently, according to a large number of players, that amount seems exorbitant.  After all, the maximum amount they are able to invest is no more than €500.

Indeed, when a system pays 50 percent profit per year, winning €10,000 over €250 is a big difference.  Such a small amount of profit cannot be considered second income, especially when a player has invested numerous hours wasting time and energy.

But the question is whether a system that allows 50 percent profit per year exists. Because if it exists and is proved so, why can’t we get a bank loan at 5 or 10 percent annual interest rate to finance this betting system?

In the case of 50 percent profit on our system, we can afford to lose 10 in order to gain 40 percent profit – left in our pockets. Obviously, I do not suggest that anyone should get a loan. I just try to understand the reasoning behind such claims.

Furthermore, another post says that surefire methods could secure 1 or 2 percent profit per day. The system has been proven successful in the past by well-known players on the Internet, according to the writer.  In other words, some have come up with a system that returns a profit of 500 percent per year.

If we bear in mind that as the capital grows bets tend to increase as well, then we are dealing with a really huge return.

No objection, just a question: Why a player would have abandoned such a system and begin educating naive bettors? No doubt about the reliability of the system.  I am just wondering.

I should remind you that we are dealing here exclusively with conventional sports betting.  Indeed, in the case of sports trading such return exists – or at least existed – me being the first to admit it.

But such a profit is due to the huge turnover in trading as opposed to betting. If there is 5 percent edge on every bet, there are simply not enough matches daily to reach a profit of 2 percent per day.

Suppose you have €10,000 available capital, while you wager €200 per bet. In order to earn €200 every day at 5 percent edge, you must bet on 20 matches daily. Can you really pinpoint 20 opportunities each and every day?!?

So, how much money can you really make in online sports betting?

To return to the original question, we should consider a system’s performance and validity over time. After we make sure we have an edge over competition, we need to see how many bets are placed per day on average. Then, we should determine our biggest possible downfall on our capital, the so-called drawdown.

These calculations would reveal our profit margin, in accordance to which we should allocate the necessary capital for sports betting.  In that case, we might be able to consider betting as extra income.