For two years, we have been asked to stay at home, and the only connection with the world of sport is through our internet connection. It is not surprising then that online gambling has become so popular, as we sought to liven up our viewing with a short bet on the side. Yet, it is not just sportsbook sites that have increased in popularity; online casinos have also become a go-to for those looking to pass a few moments and risk a few pounds.

Online betting would likely have become popular even without the intervention of a lockdown. The advancement in technology has put gambling at our fingertips and was already on its way to taking the internet by storm. While the industry is heavily restricted, governments have also become much more open-minded to the concept of betting from your phone or laptop.

But what has made it so popular?


One of the core reasons for the popularity of online betting is the sheer convenience of placing a bet. It is also why governments have been so keen to place restrictions on sites, as problem gambling was equally as convenient. However, the emphasis on fun in advertisement and the limits players can set allow for responsible play.

The sites have also got clever at using the instant ability to bet. For instance, in-match betting in football has allowed users to decide on the next scorer, the half-time result, and cash out if things are not going as planned. None of this was possible before online betting and has increased the intensity of the fun and interaction.


The sites have also got much better at helping you place your bet. With just a few simple steps, even the most amateur gamblers can place a bet. Land-based casinos were often seen as intimidating to the uninitiated, while online experiences feel less exclusive and welcoming.

To make the experience even easier, sites provide chatbots and live webchats to deal with queries. Much emphasis has also been placed on security now, and people are happier to know when they can enter their card details online. Trusted websites offer highly secure betting experiences that give players peace of mind throughout their time playing.

So much choice

The choice of what to play and where is a primary reason for 2022 offering even more popularity to online betting. Not only can you bet on standard sports like football and horseracing but also esports and most things where there is a competition. Equally, there are online casinos with slots, cards and other popular table games.

Games are more often being developed to take advantage of the moments we spend on a commute or waiting in a queue. Developers are aware that we are likely to reach for our phones in these moments, and there is an increasing emphasis on native mobile betting experiences, which means online gambling is even more accessible and inclusive.

A growing trend

The excitement of gambling is not a new phenomenon. For centuries people have placed wagers. The advent of the internet and now smart devices have made it easier for anybody to gamble and enjoy the excitement of winning.