There are successful gamblers who earn more than one million dollars annually. They have standard features that make them different from the average gamblers. Most of the successful players have in-born gambling skills that make them stand out. But, there are a few gamblers who have made it to the top through hard work. Through practice, they have been able to learn tricks that work for them.

Basically, anyone can be a successful gambler. You only need to possess the following characteristics;

  1. Understand numbers

Gamblers understand and like numbers. They are never scared by numbers. A few of them are geniuses in mathematics, but, others have embraced maths through practice. They have known numbers matter in gambling. They have put necessary effort to grasp the gambling concepts that involve analysing of patterns and certain trends. Through numbers, they are able to predict games correctly, and win.

Interestingly, success in gambling does not require formal education. Majority of gambling champions are school drop-outs. The game is learned through practice. Successful casino gamers visit the casino and play for long hours. They understand how numbers work in casinos through exercise. The skills are perfected through practice over time.

  1. They are smart

Notably, successful casino players are average people; people with an average IQ. However, they are brilliant at gambling. They have specific skills and tricks that average players lack.

Seemingly, is very important.  The gambling smartness or intelligence is in-born. It’s not easily acquired. Gamblers without naturally endowed betting intelligence, can, however, improve it through practice. Apart from learning through gamble, one should analyse, and learn from former mistakes. One can learn from successful gamblers through observation too.

  1. Risk Takers

An average player bets cautiously. The player does not risk huge money he can’t afford to lose. On the other hand, successful gamblers bet vast sums of money. By betting a large amount of money, they have to go out of their way to employ the best strategies. They have to work extra hard in research to minimise the chances of losing huge money.
Successful gamblers approach the game as an investment. From the word-go, they take the gaming with the same seriousness as in business venture. Some known gamblers even borrow for gambling. To recover the money plus make profits, they must develop a functional model that will enable them to win the bets. The success takes time and work.

  1. Positive attitude

Gambling is about winning and losing. Average gamblers are motivated to play to win. When they lose a bet, they get discouraged. Some gamblers stopped betting because they lost several bets. But, successful gamblers have a motivated spirit always. They don’t spend a lot of time celebrating wins. They don’t whine over lost bets either. The gamblers just learn from their mistakes that could have led to their loss, and proceed. They feel the pain of loss, but they learn from it, instead of complaining. Known gamblers have lost and won bets in an equal measure.

  1. The put emotions aside

Gamblers don’t allow emotions to affect their betting decisions. They carefully analyse the games well before betting. They are aware they can lose or win the bet. The awareness enables them to stay calm and remain knowledgeable regardless of the outcome. Their gambling decisions are based on facts, and not mere emotions.

  1. Hard work and discipline.

Successful gamblers are disciplined and hardworking. Many of them gamble almost daily all year round. When they are not betting, they spend long hours studying games of their interest. They also analyse gambling strategies. Through sacrifice, they come up with the best gambling models.

Basically, hard work and discipline is the key to succeed. It’s obvious that gambling is about luck. But, one can improve the chances of winning by applying practical strategies and tricks. The strategies can only be developed through careful research and learning from former mistakes. Research requires discipline, and commitment.

  1. They keep records

Gamblers keep clear records about their gaming performances. The records help them check their progress. There must be a positive growth of a gambler with a bright future. From the records, the gambler is able to notice mistakes and adjustments he made in the past. He is able to compare his performance over the years.

  1. They are aware of themselves

Successful gamblers are honest to themselves. They understand their weaknesses and strengths in betting. They work on their weaknesses as they perfect their strengths too. Successful gamblers cannot thrive in lies. They have to face truths about themselves. That way, they are able to make improvements where necessary.


Above are characteristic of a successful gambler. Some characteristics are easier to learn than others. Some of the traits seem to be in-born, and difficult to learn. But, through self-assessment, discipline, and hard work, you can join the league of gambling champions. In fact, by practicing, you can acquire any skill you wish to possess.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash