I know nothing about ice hockey. I know nothing about the Norwegian Eliteserien. Yet, I am tipping Stjernen to win the game against Lillehammer today, while it’s the first time I hear of those teams. Do I bet blindly?


My betting strategy is all about ups and down of betting odds

Whenever I am discussing of an event that is available for sports betting, I always begin my research by checking the betting odds. The odds are like stock prices to me. I may know nothing about the stock in question, yet it is quite easy to confirm whether share price is in a downtrend or uptrend.

Much like stocks, betting odds can be trending downwards or upwards. Most of the times though they are consolidating as it is said in the finance world. That means that odds do not fluctuate significantly. But when they do, it is time for me to pick a team.

And usually, it is the team that its odds are dropping.

I have talked a lot of this betting strategy of mine in my Greek blog. Hopefully it won’t be long before I do at this blog as well, so that English-speaking online friends of mine can understand my way of thinking.

I’m tipping Stjernen for the win, following the current trend

A fine example of this strategy is today’s ice hockey game that takes place in Norway. Again, I know nothing about the sport or the league. However, even the most inexperienced sports bettor can confirm that Stjernen’s odds are declining. And the decline is quite impressive to say the least!

Most bookmakers’ opening line for Sternen was close to 6.00 like Bwin’s, shown in the image above. In the last 24 hours all of them were forced to change their odds on this event and now you’ll have difficulty finding odds over 4.00. Here is the odds graph by Oddschecker for a couple of them.


Does this drop mean that there is still value at these odds? That is a question I planning on debating in the weeks ahead. Until then, feel free to follow me at BettingExpert, where I’m sharing some of my betting tips. No, I’m not a tipster, I just enjoy talking about strategies that may make money. Or at least, make us think and improve our skills.

Have you been betting on ice hockey games? Do you justify the decline of Stjernen’s odds and will you follow the trend? Let me know in the comments below.