The mantra “As strong as your weakest link” never applied better than in the case of Human Resources. Many gaming companies based in Malta have set up their own department for head hunting and recruitment, making sure that the best talent fills each and every vacancy available. So this year at SiGMA, during the last few hours, on day two between 2pm and 6pm, the doors will open for talented graduates and IT developers, but strictly by invite, for a careers convention.

In the words of Eman Pulis, “Anyone who has been to any expo can attest that numbers tend to dwindle down a bit towards the end. So the timing seemed right for a careers convention to help meet the increasing demand for talent.” Graduates from the University of Malta, MCAST and various private institutes will be targeted and personally invited to this careers convention. Eman went on to elaborate, “We’ve quite literally embarked on a three-month head-hunting mission for all, not only in Malta but also in Scandinavia, where request for Scandinavian talent is on the increase. Who knows? They might likely meet their best employer to date!”


Between 2pm and 6pm on Day Two of the expo, the doors will open to graduates and IT developers who are looking at the possibility of a new career in iGaming. Partners MyEvetntsPlanner have secured solid partnerships with student-faculty organizations ICTSA, ELSA, ASCS, UESA, GHSL and others.

SiGMA’s ultimate goal is to bring the entire gaming community together, from affiliates and operators to regulators and vendors. However, this year, it also wants to serve the purpose of recruitment in Malta. In the words of SiGMA’s Dennis Dhyr Hansen, “It is well-known that recruitment remains one of the trickiest aspects, often leaving developers in short supply and an increasing number of graduates looking to form part of the gaming industry. This is where SiGMA can provide an excellent platform on Maltese shores.”

When asked about the partnership with SiGMA, Managing Partner at Event Planner James Cassar said: “I’ve worked on various events with Eman for a long time and this partnership should pave the way for some great opportunities for graduates who are seeking a career in iGaming. Through this event, we want to create a bridge between students and the betting company world where great employment opportunities exist.”


Those attending will be entitled to shop around the expo floor as well as attend a conference on Human Capital and Performance. Networking drinks and the closing party will also be accessible to the Careers Convention attendees. The organizers are signing the brightest, most experienced speakers from within and outside the industry, including TED speakers, covering a range of themes and paving the way for some animated panel discussions.

The organizers have lined them up for you: 100 speakers, 150 sponsors/exhibitors and 3,000 quality attendees. For further information visit