Ninja Trader, a powerful stock trading technical analysis charting software, and Betfair, the leading sports betting exchange, can now be combined to help sports traders predict odds movements. Technical analysis has been difficult to be applied in Betfair graphs and traders have been using third-party trading software to plot technical analysis indicators. Now Quantsports fills the market gap as the bridge between Ninja Trader and Betfair, bringing the ultimate trading charts to sports betting!

Ninja Trader is a well known trading software for almost any financial market worldwide. It is a third party application, which can be bridged with stock and forex brokers’ data feeds. A stock trader logs into his broker’s trading platform, fires up Ninja Trader which automatically connects to the broker’s data feed and the trader is now able to check out the stock charts using Ninja Trader and apply his own technical analysis. Ninja Trader has been around the market for quite some time and is one the most popular charting platforms like Metastock, AmiBroker, TradeStation and others.

On the hand, Betfair is the most famous betting exchange in the world. While betting bookmakers are around the corner for a century, betting exchanges were born this decade. The innovation behind the betting exchanges was that for the first time bettors could bet against each other and not against the bookmakers. The betting exchange charges a commission on winnings and there is no risk about getting paid and withdrawing funds, since the betting exchange doesn’t lose money when a sports bettor makes money. That is why most serious sports gamblers have been customers in Betfair, besides the fact that they can also become bookmakers by placing a lay bet and that they are able to trade odds!

Trading odds is like trading in stock markets, buying and selling in the form of laying and backing respectively. This new form of betting created a new kind of bettors, often known as sports traders. A sports trader does not care which team will win the game, or whether a tennis player will win a Grand Slam. He only cares about the odds movement, just like in financial markets. Betfair already offers some basic betting graphs, but they are far from being perfect, since they don’t refresh in real-time and they are just… JPEG images!

Quantsports, a new third party Betfair software provider, has managed to bridge Ninja Trader with Betfair. A sports trader, just like a stock trader, can now connect Betfair’s data feed with Ninja Trader’s software, and watch real-time updated betting charts in any timescale, plot technical analysis indicators and use candlesticks instead of line graphs. Every feature of Ninja Trader is already available for sports trading in Betfair, and since the charting software is free to use, there is not a single reason why sports traders shouldn’t give it a go, especially if they depend on technical analysis and Betfair charts to make their predictions.