Online casinos are in tough competition when it comes to getting more customers. After all, it’s easy for these customers to access any of these sites, but it could be hard to make them stay on their page and have them sign up.

Playing at any online casino site is just really convenient and could be really fun and exciting. There are a few things that could make one online casino different from another. It could be the variety of games you can play, the payment methods available, the currency that they accept, and the promos and bonuses that they offer.

Now, what are these promos and bonuses? There are so many of these like the Bet365 bonus offers that you can choose to get. These promos and bonuses are basically something that you can get or avail to get more privileges from the casino of your choice.

Online casinos offer these to mainly attract customers. Who doesn’t enjoy getting more than what their money’s worth, right? Offering these promotions makes them stay in the competition of getting more customers.

It’s not even mainly about getting new customers to sign up. Some of these promos are designed to encourage players to play more. You can also think of it as a way for these casinos to thank you for choosing them.

There are a few types of promos and bonuses that you can avail from these online casinos. What you should just really know is that these vary from one casino to another. It’s important that you first shop around for this before signing the deal. Here are the most common bonuses that online casinos would offer.

  • Welcome Bonuses

Almost all, if not all, online casinos offer some sort of welcome or sign-up bonus to their new members. This can be typically claimed by making your first deposit. Usually, you can get a 100 percent deposit bonus. This means that if you deposit 50 dollars, you can get another 50 dollars.

The bonus amount that you can get from different casinos would typically range from 50 to 500 percent. It’s surely exciting to get something more than a hundred percent of the deposit you make, but always make sure you read the catch.

There are welcome bonuses that can only be availed by depositing a minimum amount. There are also welcome bonuses that you can only use on specific games, and so this means that you can be restricted from playing other games.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This is something that you can get if your intention is to check if you found a great casino. The no deposit bonus you can get are usually not that big but it could still give you a great win. However, this can be subject to abuse and so online casinos that offer this have stricter guidelines for you to avail them.

Once you get the no deposit bonus, you can already start playing. However, it’s typical that you can’t withdraw your winnings from this bonus if you don’t make a deposit. Also, the games that you’re allowed to play with this kind of bonus can be limited.

  • Monthly Deposit Bonus

It’s as it is. Every month, you can get a bonus from making a deposit. This can be categorized under loyalty bonuses and casinos have different ways and rules for you to get a monthly deposit bonus. Usually, this is only given once a month to encourage players to keep their accounts active.

There are a few more bonuses that you can get like payment method bonuses, high roller bonuses, and free spins. Most of the time, these are bonuses that will really keep you active.

Surprisingly, no matter how big a bonus offer is, there are still people who won’t be bothered to claim them. However, people should be encouraged to take part in these promotions because it can be beneficial to them.

These promos and bonuses can help players offset their losses. Know that playing real money games can be risky and you will really lose money from this. Taking bonuses can at least help offset the losses that players get.

Now, since you have more because of the bonus that you received, you can play longer and play more games. It’s always nice to know that even if you’ve already exhausted your deposited amount, you still have those free spins and a bonus amount that you get to play a few more games.

It’s also great to avail these offers if you only want to test out a casino. You can just deposit the minimum amount to your gaming account and still have more. You get to be able to test more games with just a small deposit.

Image by Linus Schütz