NBA Betting is widely popular in the United States, with the NBA Future Odds carefully considered by bettors. The NBA championship is held every June, with a best-of-seven playoff popularly known as the NBA Finals. While the season had a late start due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are already teams who might have the best shot to possibly win in the NBA Finals 2021.

The 2021 NBA playoffs will start on May 22, while the NBA Finals are soon to begin in mid-July, which is a month of the usual NBA championship schedule. Moreover, because of the excitement over basketball and betting on it, NBA futures betting has become a huge part of the game. One of the most popular wagers is the participating teams’ odds to win the NBA Championship.

But why bet on the NBA Futures? It’s simple. In the NBA futures, the payouts are bigger because the risk is greater than other betting options. For this reason alone, NBA Futures can be appealing to every sports bettor.

What are NBA Finals Odds and Futures Betting?

NBA futures are now growing popular in the NBA betting league. As the name implies, future bets are bets on an event that will happen in the future, such as the conference finals or the Most Valuable Player. Some other popular NBA odds provided by FanDuel are the NBA Finals champion, the Western and Eastern Conference Finals, and team regular-season Finals. The NBA MVP,  NBA Rookie of the Year, and the NBA Coach of the Year are other future odds for individual awards.

Odds to win the NBA Championship are on the board for the whole season, consistently adjusting to results, betting action, and injuries. NBA futures bets work like future bets in other sports. Future bets are usually based on an end-of-season outcome, and it is made available for both team and player level.

Before the season begins, team-level futures can be wagered with a minimum number of team wins that will be gathered in that season, whether it’s a division or a conference win.

An MVP, Rookie of the Year, or Sixth Man of the Year awards are included in the Player-level futures. 3-point shots, rebounds, or assists are other player-level futures that are based on a player’s benchmarks in a common statistical category for the season.

Future NBA Favorites to Bet On

There are also a handful of other NBA future lines worth wagering. With the season’s tip-off just a few weeks away, it would be a good time to go through the favorite bets for the upcoming 2021 season.

Western Conference Winner and NBA Championship

Let’s be straightforward here. The Lakers are likely to win again as Western Conference winners (+140) and NBA Champions (+275). It can be quite hard to dethrone this team despite the injuries some of their athletes had taken.

Eastern Conference Winner

The Milwaukee Bucks came as the favorite to win in the East with +230, according to the market. The Bucks will likely meet the Lakers head-to-head for the NBA Title. They might have been in a bad bubble beginning March last year due to some trouble, but they closed out the 2019-2020 regular season with 4-9, with a 5-5 during the postseason.

Most Valuable Player

Giannis Antetokounmpo won his second straight MVP award during a great season. He scored an average of 29 points, five assists, and 13 rebounds. The Bucks had appeared to be the best team in the NBA before the pandemic froze the sports world. Once play resumed, they were no longer the same team. They left the bubble earlier than expected when they struggled in Orlando.

One more player may be worth laying a few bucks to take home the MVP. Boston’s Jayson Tatum is getting ready to take his game up a notch to win the championship for his team.

Rookie of the Year

This season, the award for the top rookie will be very interesting. Last year, Ja Morant dominated the season, where, at one point, the Grizzlies had -110 to take home the award.

This NBA 2021 season, LaMelo will be a highlight player. His fancy moves are wowing both fans and experts. The excitement over LaMelo becoming the NBA’s version of Odell Beckham Jr. is further fueling the start of this season.

How the NBA 2021 Playoffs Will Work

The 2020-2021 NBA season will last 72 games, with the six teams in each conference battling it out in the playoffs. The team that gets 7-10 spots in each game will be eligible to play in the tournament as long as they are within four games of the final rankings.

The schedule will include teams playing two games against each other and three games against an intraconference opponent. The NBA aims to run the best-of-seven series for the quarter-finals, semifinal, and finals for Eastern and Western conferences. The NBA playoff will end by July 22, a day before Tokyo’s rescheduled Olympic Games.

The NBA futures are always available even when it’s offseason. You can bet on Future Odds any time during the regular season throughout the NBA playoffs. Odds change from time to time as the season progresses. How other teams play can affect the line, too, so make a more significant transaction when you wager online.


NBA futures odds change all the time depending on various reasons. Deciding when and where to lay a bet can make a huge difference in victory or not winning anything at all. A team’s success plays a major role in how NBA futures odds move. Moreover, injuries of key players are important in the winning and losing streaks of every team. Picking a team or player at the right time will surely pay off.