My experience with Betfair Trading graphs


These first articles at Trading Graphs are like an introduction and it feels like reinventing the wheel! While I admit I am a newbie at stock trading and have just opened an account with Interactive Brokers, I have tons of experience in another form of online trading, called Betfair trading. Although the general term is sports trading, Betfair is the leading sports exchange and due to their popularity, the term is known as Betfair trading nowadays. I have been a professional Betfair trader for a couple of years in the past, when I traded the horse racing betting markets in Betfair just like in stock trading.

To take a glimpse of a Betfair trading graph, here is a line graph of the betting odds of a favorite horse running in a UK horse race during last year.

Betfair Graph

I have posted numerous betfair graphs in my original blog and I will revert to those from time to time, in order to remind my readers of how technical analysis can and should be applied to those sports graphs. When Betfair trading was my sole income in 2005, I was surprised to see other Betfair traders not utilizing the Betfair bar graphs. Of course, it had been quite easy to make money back then. The market depth was all that was needed to correctly predict the odds movement. Many bettors converted to sports traders at the time and Betfair trading was speeding up.

Nowadays, judging by the emails and posts in several forums, Betfair trading has got a bit tougher with just a few managing to make it pay. Although I have stopped trading in the betting exchange, I always keep an eye on the Betfair markets, as they can provide a different way of online trading that can be profitable.