The theme of Texas Tea slots is demonstrated by the American state, which is famous for its oil rigs, wildlife, and vegetation. All this is displayed in a visual design where you will see oil millionaires traveling around in cabriolets, such animals as an armadillo and a cow, as well as exotic flowers of the state. All these symbols create winning combos, appearing on the lines of machines in the amount of two or more symbols.

To get a reward, you need to collect winning combinations of characters on the playing field. The field consists of five reels with 3 cells each. 9 pay lines pass through the cells. A schematic image of the lines is indicated in an additional window that expands when the Paytable key is pressed.


Due to the “oil dividend” bonus, you can win Texas Tea slot machines with payout ratios reaching 100. If you get a “big oil bonus”, then you can count on a winning size of 495 bets for symbols with towers. Playing for free on the official website, you can get 10,000 credits for combos from the logos of the game, and for pictures with armadillos. Your balance will be replenished by 500 coins. You will receive a prize of 250 credits for pictograms with airplanes, bulls or convertibles.

The most valuable image is the game logo. A reward is given even for one such picture on the field if it is located on the first reel. Combinations of two, three, four and five images bring factors of 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000, respectively.

In addition to simple pictures, two special characters participate in the game – scatter and bonus. Combinations of such images are counted regardless of the location of the pictures on the reels.

Bonus images with oil rigs form combinations according to the same rules as simple symbols. Three, four or five of these pictures trigger a bonus game on an additional screen.

Image by stokpic