The online casino industry has been around for over 20 years now as it was in 1996 when the very first online casino called InterCasino was rolled out. Since then, online casinos have evolved and improved. It’s come a long way as this industry is now worth around 50 billion US dollars.

Now, online gambling is one of the fastest-rising sectors of the gambling industry. It’s very competitive as all online casinos can be easily accessed. However, it could be hard for them to keep on getting customers because there are just so many of them.

Because of the industry’s competitive nature, innovations and continuous improvements are keeping all of them in business. Online casinos and bookies like Betfair make use of different technologies to cater to the needs of their customers.

The role of technology when it comes to what online casinos are going to be like in the future is very crucial. Based on the recent trends, here are technological advancements that could play important roles in the future of online casinos.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

It was in 2016 when Virtual Reality was mainly introduced to the gaming industry. VR and AR technologies have been around for a long time now, but when Oculus released its VR device in 2016, it was when the demands of VR gaming increased.

The casino industry is not left behind with this as there are now many VR casino games that you can play. It is seen that there will be more VR games that in the future as more people get access to VR devices.

Augmented reality is also something that’s becoming quite a trend in online casinos. There are now casino games that allow you to compete with other people in lifelike virtual casinos. You get to play with live dealers as if they are just right in front of you. Eventually, this may be something that online casinos will be into.

  • Blockchain

Using blockchain tech allows transparency as all actions you take with this are all recorders. With this, players get to see the payout of the casino, the outcome of the game, and all those things that you should know as a player. Transparency is extremely important when gambling as it concerns money and so this tech is simply useful to the casinos and players themselves.

Now, aside from that, blockchain tech is connected to online gambling through the use of cryptocurrencies. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum all make use of blockchain tech. These cryptos make transacting easier for many players. There are already casinos that only cater to crypto users and we can expect that more casinos will be accepting cryptos in the future because of how beneficial it could to both the operators and the players.

  • Live Gaming

This is now the trend when it comes to casino gaming online. Live dealers are also becoming more in demand as it improves the overall gaming experience of the players. Casino games with live dealers just make the players feel like they are in an actual casino.

Live gaming can also be translated into streaming games online. On Twitch, you can easily find many people streaming the casino games that they play and it helps online casinos a lot. This is because more and more people are watching streamers play games like slot machines. This is a great way for online casinos to get more customers and players.

Casino gaming is typically a social activity. When you visit a land casino, you would normally come with friends and meet new people. Live dealer gaming can make online casino gaming social. You don’t only get to interact with the dealer, but you can also interact with the other players too.

  • Esports

Esports are becoming more prominent these days and online casinos that also take sports wagers are now looking into this. There are already casinos that would offer betting odds on Esports like William Hill. Right now, the most popular Esports tournaments are Counter-Strike: GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and DOTA 2.

We can still say that as of the moment, Esports doesn’t have a big following in the betting industry just yet, but with the emergence of game streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, more and more people are getting excited about Esports tournaments.

It is expected that esports audiences will continue to grow in the next few years and because of that, the betting industry will eventually give the same attention that they give to sports leagues.

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