Betfair Trading Tips of Formula 1 drivers’ graphs – Hungarian GP 2012


Formula 1 is visiting Hungary this weekend and Hamilton has already set the fastest time in both of the first two Practice sessions. With Practice 3 being under way as I write this, Betfair graphs of Formula 1 drivers show advancing and declining trends for 6 of the most popular F1 drivers. Vettel’s betting graph is the only Betfair graph of Hungarian GP that hasn’t yet developed some kind of a trend. His odds fluctuate inside a well-defined trading range and till a breakout occurs, I can’t predict anything. Thankfully there are quite a few interesting setups to discuss about regarding Betfair trading the Formula 1 event. The result of Hungarian GP will also affect the Formula 1 Drivers Championship betting graphs.

Starting with the declining odds I’ll examine the graphs of Hamilton’s, Button’s and Raikonnen’s odds. Hamilton’s and Button’s odds have fallen quite a bit. They both formed a minor downward breakout with the key support level at 5.0 and 8.0 respectively not being strong enough to hold backers’ power. Given the declining trend line the odds aren’t expected to change direction, unless the line is penetrated. I would back those odds and get out as soon as something like that happens. Raikonnen’s odds on the other hand aren’t exactly in a downtrend. It may seem that a downtrend is establishing, but in truth odds are ranging between 10 and 17. Since I can’t predict a breakout at this time, my tip is to wait and initiate your Betfair trading strategy if the support level at 10.0 is proven weak.


Things are clearer in regards to advancing trends established in the Betfair graphs of Alonso’s, Webber’s and Roseberg’s odds. Having being a Betfair trading expert in horse racing markets during 2004 – 2007, it’s easy to trust a strong trend. For sure my best trading tip is to lay Alonso’s win, despite his performance at the German GP last week. If we manage to lay at 6.0, the risk-reward ratio would be even better. Yet, as long as the trading channel continues rising, there’s no doubt that bettors will avoid backing an Alonso’s win. Trading on Betfair is all about the psychology and the majority of risk averse bettors and traders are going to follow the trend, as following the trend is one of the most acknowledged Betfair trading strategies. Laying the wins of Webber or Roseberg would be more recommended if their odds were much shorter. The risk is quite bigger than Alonso’s.


The rest of Formula 1 drivers’ Betfair graphs aren’t worth mentioning, given the long odds for a surprise win of any other driver. Sports trading is all about liquidity and volatility and they are both absent there. Stick to the most popular Formula 1 betting graphs and much more Betfair trading opportunities will arise.