The game story is inspired from a classic german legend. The game depicts it quite nicely it has many elements that refers to this legend themed story. The graphics are more or less like all the Novomatic slot games, if you played at least one of their game, you’ll see their iconic graphics.

The Story

Everything revolves around a highly intelligent scholar that gets bored of life and he becomes very unhappy. In order to have some interesting experiences in his life, he makes a deal with the devil. In exchange of his soul, he gets unlimited knowledge. Of course, you can see symbols in the story that show you the story better like Faust, the Devil, a girl and Faust’s tools.

Game Paylines and Bets

This game is made keeping the mobile platform in mind, so that you can download the game if you want and play it there. It has 10 paylines that are clearly defined and it has 5 reels and 3 rows. It looks more or less like the typical slot games and it offers many ways for you to get some wins. They have balanced the win rate in order to make the game exciting, especially if you are on a mobile phone, it can be hard to keep you in there.

The game betting system is quite interesting actually. You can bet money directly, no coins to confuse you on how much you are betting. So you can bet from $0.05 to $1 per line. That means you will bet from $0.5 to $10 on each game. This is reasonable and it will satisfy most players, except those that want big time bets.

Free Spins!

Well, the free spins in Faust slot game are really interesting. If you get 3 Scattered Devil symbols on the screen, you get 10 free spins. On top of that, a special symbol will be chosen when you start with the free spins and it will expand in order to cover the entire reel after your get the regular pays at the end of every spin. If you get some extra wins, they are also paid. You don’t see many slot games that offer free spins like these and it can make the game really appealing. You want to get those free spins as much as you can.


The special symbols give you good wins (Faust, Girl, Tools) and there are the usual symbols that you less money. Overall, this slot game is quite interesting and it is a bit different than the usual slot games. If you got intrigued, don’t waste time. You can try the Faust slot game anytime you want. Hope this article helped you in seeing what is special about this game.