Dropping Odds of Blackpool, Liverpool – Real Madrid drifter



There’s full action at European football leagues today and football odds are dropping or drifting for quite a few clubs. The graphs of 3 football games got my attention, as Blackpool’s and Liverpool’s dropping odds provide enough price action for Betfair trading. Meanwhile layers have sent Real Madrid’s odds up 6% offering more value for backing Sevilla in Primera Division’s game. Therefore I’m tipping Real’s odds to continue drifting, whilst steamers will hopefully help traders turn profit by backing at higher than expected odds.

Almost all of football tips online favor Blackpool’s win against Barnsley in today’s Championship game. They also predict Blackpool scoring at least two goals! I assume, as more bettors hear of the tipping news and liquidity increases, that odds will continue dropping and eventually the 2.00 price level will be broken. Traders should be looking to make money by following the trend, much like the rest of today’s trading tips.

Liquidity isn’t an issue for Sunderland vs Liverpool football game. The Premier League clash tops the list of the most liquid football markets at Betfair this Saturday with almost half a million euros having been matched already. The game is set to start 2.5 hours after Barnsley vs Blackpool, offering more time for backers to take advantage of the dropping odds. It’s not that often that we witness a significant price movement of a favorite and popular team. That is why I regard Liverpool’s drifter a reliable choice for football trading and I would back Liverpool’s dropping odds at 2.26 setting a profit target close to 2.00. My tight stop loss is set at 2.40 and given there will be no surprises in the following ten hours, I don’t expect smart money to upset the market.

Trend following technique is one of the easiest methods of technical analysis in football trading. Traders simply need to enter when the trend pulls back seeking to profit when the trend resumes. That is the case for Real Madrid’s odds, which have climbed from 1.60 to 1.72. Unless there are some major reversal signs, odds will keep on drifting to higher prices. The Primera Division game’s kick off time (21:00) allows more time for speculation and perhaps more tipsters will find value at backing Sevilla’s high odds, sending Real’s odds up.

Disclosure: I am short Blackpool and Liverpool and long Real Madrid.