Sports betting is one of the favorite ways of people to gamble and this is an activity that can be traced back to the year 1870 or even before the First World War. Surely, this is something that has completely evolved and this is mainly because of technology.

The rise of internet use has surely given this industry a boost. What used to be brick and mortar eventually also transitioned to the digital market and this is when the industry experienced a huge boom. More people now have the chance to access many sports betting odds as there are simply hundreds of online bookmakers out there.

The biggest names on the online sports betting industry include FanDuel, DraftKings, William Hill, and many other more. You can always and easily find a reputable bookie online by just searching through Google.

While mobile or online betting appears to be the big thing right now, in-person betting and betting on terminals are still thriving. There are sportsbooks that have both retail and online services available to their customer too.

If you’re new to sports betting, you probably are wondering if there is a difference between betting in person or just placing your bets online. There are differences between the two that are worth pointing out.

One may say that online betting is better and more beneficial than in-person betting, but there are still a few good reasons as to why in-person betting could be a better option. There are a few factors to consider and this really depends on your betting needs.

Online bookies mainly offer convenience. You can place your bet anytime and anywhere you are because of them. You don’t have to travel nor leave your home to be able to place a bet on your favorite sports.

Know that there are different ways for you to place your bets and when it comes to options, online betting is king. Offline or brick and mortar bookies would have a good variety of options available but it’s simply easier to switch from one online bookie to another if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Betting options include the available sports you can wager on, the types of bets like the future, prop bets, and also the available sports that a bookie has. The thing about online betting is that the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to options.

Right now, the world is facing a pandemic and the majority of sports events that people would usually wager on are either postponed or canceled. Land casinos and sportsbooks establishments are now forced to close and these places in countries like the US and the UK are now empty. Online betting, however, remains alive despite the lack of sports.

Online betting allows people to not only wager on sports events but also on entertainment and politics-related topics. This is mainly why the sky is the limit when it comes to placing your bets online.

Included in the options that are wider when it comes to online betting is also the payment methods or withdrawal. There are many ways for you to easily make a deposit to your betting account and this could be with your banking account, credit or debit card, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrencies.

Overall, it’s also cheaper to place your bets online because you no longer need to travel to a sports betting place to be able to wager on anything.

While online betting seems the easier option for many, in-person betting is still the preference of some and this is with understandable reasons. One of the main reasons is that going to a brick and mortar casino or sports betting place is simply a different experience. The overall atmosphere and environment are fun and can make things more exciting.

If you’re someone who wants to get your winnings immediately, then it’s best to visit a local casino instead. Sure, there is only a limited way for you to make a deposit to your account but when it comes to getting you winnings, all you need to do is to collect it from a counter.

There are online casinos that can immediately credit your winnings to your bank account, but most of the time, this can take a few days to get processed. Customer support is also easier to access when you’re in an establishment. While online casinos or bookies have chat, email, and phone support when you’re in an establishment, you get to talk to someone face to face and your concern can then be immediately addressed.

Those are the things that make in-person and online betting different. Online betting remains to be the convenient option to many but in-person betting also has its perks. What’s better will really depend on your preferences too.

Image by Thorsten Frenzel