While trading the Betfair UK horse racing markets using BetAngel Pro, I recorded my trading moves to show how to win against other sports traders and make money with a €1,000 bankroll. Obviously we can’t win in every horse race, but if we stay disciplined and follow proper money management risking 1-2% of our capital, we should be safe trying out any trading system, until it is proven profitable. My main trading method is very short term swing trading, after identifying the long term trend of the horses’ betting odds. 5 years ago I would mainly scalp, going for one or two ticks watching the trading ladder, but given the help of the Betfair graphs and Betangel’s candlesticks, it is now much easier to point out the support and resistance levels for better entry and exit points.

This trading video is the first video I do speaking in English. I have done 10 or so more before (check out my youtube channel) in Greek but I received a lot of comments and emails asking me to do at least one in English. So here I am recording in English, although I don’t expect to get an award for my foreign language abilities. Surely the main idea is to get you familiar with my way of thinking and trading strategy I follow when trading the Betfair betting markets.

The video shows how to trade the betting odds in horse racing markets before the races start and in the end I manage making €150 in just 3 races. While such winrate is not achievable at least with the current stakes as I am likely to have quite a few losses throughout the day, the goal was to prove that you can also make money by sports trading. Just don’t jump in and use your entire bankroll! First plan your actions, set aside a trading bankroll and begin watching the markets daily without submitting a single bet. After watching for a week, begin using the smallest allowed amount of money you can wager and take it from there.