The last eight have been identified and paired and all of us are waiting with bated breath for the next round of actions to begin. Yes, the UCL 15-16 quarter-final match-ups have been announced.

How’re the pairs?

At first glance, the match-ups look a bit bland – there are a few less glamour clubs left in this year’s competition. The Uniteds and the Juves of the world are gone, the former rather embarrassingly and the former European heavyweights – Milan and Liverpool, are not even in the distance.

The drill-down

But yeah! Bayern v Benfica and Wolfsburg v Real look plain one-sided. You never know but the favorites are too firm favorites. Mueller and Co. have a lot of firepower and I would be surprised if they don’t win both the legs. Real are still kind of coming to terms with Zidane and the journey is still topsy-turvy but Wolfsburg? Are you serious?

PSG v City is nicely inclined towards the French capital – City have the players but I expect them to succumb to the gargantuan occasion. PSG can have their bad days though and they are capable of imploding, but I tip them for the semis. I somehow have a feeling that this year is PSG’s best chance – they may not have all their superstars next year. They would still be more than good enough for Ligue 1 though.

Barca v Atleti is the match of the quarters. On current form, this Barca side just looks unstoppable. But Atleti have the pedigree and they have Simeone the shrewd tactician. Atleti did upstage Barca en-route to the finals – we saw some tough football there, didn’t we? But is all that enough to stop MSN? I really don’t think so!

Where is my money going?

Plain and simple, I would put my money on the Catalans. They are simply better than the nearest opposition. Bayern are good and Pep is really good but can he get one past against the club that made him? Good question because Bayern is the only team that can defeat this Barca team. The bookies place them on the same pedestal though – both are 1/2 favorites to win. The next best is also interesting – CR7 and Barca go equal at 4/5 favorites to win. For more odds see

Yeah, you got it right! I’m going the way of the Catalans. Most would, given their form. If you are new to this world, play safe now. Put your money on Bayern if you will, but everyone else, yes Real included, is just not there to challenge Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

The easiest way to bet

Online betting has really made all this pretty easy, hasn’t it? You sit at home, press the mouse a few times and bet on your favorite team! Doesn’t get easier than this, does it?

In the end

Barca or Bayern – go either way, but try and sway towards the former! That’s my tip for UCL 15-16. And while you are thinking, don’t forget BVB v Pool in Europa!

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