Sports fans have a busy summer ahead, with important matches and tournaments scheduled over the next few months.  The World Cup kicks off in June, the F1 Grand Prix races through to the fall, the Champions League wraps up in a few weeks – alongside many more important events.

For many fans, the passion of the game and the adrenaline of cheering on favourite players or teams satisfy the innate thrill of being a devoted sports fan.  But for others, the most exciting events are when the love of the sport is matched by putting skin in the game.

The popularity of sportsbetting has always existed, but significantly thrived since the launch of popular online sportsbooks.  Rather than plan trips to regulated sportsbetting venues, fans can visit their favoured online sportsbetting domains from the convenience of their own home or while on the go using mobile sportsbetting accounts.

Similar to sportsbooks at racetracks or within casinos, online sportsbetting sites accept bets on a wide variety of popular sporting events.  Fans can scroll through listed matches to find their game of choice, and lock in a bet before things get underway – and in some cases, during key matches.

For example, the Champions League Final will be held on May 24 in Lisbon Portugal, pitting archrivals Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid against each other for European championship.  The Champions League Final is a popular betting option that fans can find on sportsbooks to make the Madrid Derby even more exciting.

Online sportsbetting is very popular in regulated markets around the world as fans are exposed to new opportunities of making money off their favourite games.  Some fans bet out of loyalty, some fans play based on stats, others will analyze the history – but the common denominator is to make marquee events more exciting and enjoyable for sports fans.

Do you ever put your skin in the game?