The second season of the Overwatch League kicked off in mid-February and it has already provided us with some spectacular gaming action. With way more teams to support and a better understanding of how the tournament structure works, we think that the 2019 Overwatch League could easily be the esports highlight of the year.

Whilst the frenetic first-person shooter action never lets us down as a sheer spectator experience, it’s also true that things get a little more interesting when you put your money where your mouth is. Obviously, betting on Overwatch is massively unpredictable. But if you are feeling lucky, then we think that any of the following Overwatch League teams could be worthy of your bets.

New York Excelsior

With a 100% winning record from their first four games, New York Excelsior have truly hit the ground running. The team will be looking to make amends for their bitter defeat at the hands of Philadephia Fusion in the 2018 Overwatch League, and everything is going to plan for their head coach, Yu Hyun-sang.

New York Excelsior started their campaign in style with a well-earned 2:1 win against their local rivals, Boston Uprising. This was quickly followed by a decisive 1:3 victory against Washington Justice, and then there were back-to-back wins against Los Angeles Valiant and Houston Outlaws. So far, New York Excelsior have an incredible six wins out of six, and it’s going to be hard to see who can stop them. It’s too early to tell how long New York Excelsior’s winning streak can go on for, but we’re backing them to make a grand final appearance this year at least.

Vancouver Titans

It might be surprising to find recommendations that you back Vancouver Titans to win this year’s Overwatch League, as this team weren’t even in the tournament in 2018. But this side have made an excellent start with four wins out of four and find themselves at the top of the Pacific Division.

It’s little surprise to find that all of Vancouver Titans’ players hail from the esports hotbed of South Korea, and with wins under their belt against the likes of San Francisco Shock, Ghangzhou Charge and Shanghai Dragons, we’re expecting big things from this team. So be sure to get in there early for a great price on this very promising esports team.

Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal are another newcomer to the Overwatch League who are showing the older teams how to play. In the current 2019 Overwatch League, the French side made a great start with two successive opening wins, but then they slipped up in their fight against the likes of Atlanta Reign.

Whether this is just a case of newbie nerves getting to Paris Eternal is hard to tell. But DM Esports have spent a lot of money putting together an excellent team, and we think that this French side could throw up a few surprises this season.

Atlanta Reign

Anybody who saw Atlanta Reign’s triumphant 4-0 win over Paris Eternal will know that this is a team of real quality. The way that team-mates like Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca and Petja ‘Masaa’ Kantanen managed to work together to pull of some killer moves in the second map shows that this side aren’t lacking in great communication that is critical to Overwatch gaming success.

Atlanta Reign face a tough next match against Los Angeles Gladiators on 7 March. But with two 4-0 wins helping them to get a very credible three wins and just one defeat, they will be fancying their chances of getting a play-off spot in the 2019 Overwatch League campaign.

San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock endured a pretty mediocre season last year with 17 wins and 23 defeats meaning that they ended up in the bottom four of the 2018 Overwatch League. But a rejuvenated side has emerged from the winter break, and San Francisco Shock have managed to creep up to fourth place in the Overwatch League table.

Whilst they may have been narrowly beaten by the likes of Los Angeles Gladiators and Vancouver Titans in their opening matches, San Francisco Shock have managed to find their form with a decent win over Hangzhou Spark and an excellent 4-0 thumping of Washington Justice. But whether they can hold their nerve against unstoppable teams like New York Excelsior remains to be seen.

Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash