The 2020 NFL season will commence anytime soon this month, and every team’s standings can almost be distinguished in each Division. During the kickoff weeks, many surprises took place when some of the favorites this year got their first defeats right away. However, last year’s Super Bowl winner, the Kansas City Chiefs, managed to stay the hardest team to beat.

One of the biggest dramas that took place in the NFL season this year is the dogs coming out of their shells. These teams have soared high since the opening day. Now that the 2020 NFL campaign is on its Week 6 Playoffs, these dogs are continuously showcasing impressive performances in every game they play.

Every year, many favorites maintain their hype until they reach the finals. But, this year’s season, it seems that the Divisional Rounds are dominated by the dogs where some of them top the proposition wagers in NFL betting.

Seattle Seahawks (NFC West)

Last season, the Seattle Seahawks made it to the league playoffs. However, it wasn’t an easy road for them to take. They had to overcome their biggest competitor in the NFC West, the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately, they were defeated.

Good thing, the Seahawks’ fate today is not getting any slip. They are the only undefeated team in the NFC West and the whole league. The team maintained a five-win streak since the opening game. If the Seahawks can defeat the Cardinals in their next game, then this team will have the most colorful underdog story towards the NFL season this year.

Buffalo Bills (AFC East)

The Buffalo Bills are now taking a huge appreciation in the NFL campaign as the biggest AFC East undefeated underdogs. Edging the Division’s top contenders who are the Pats, the Bills might head to the league playoff effortlessly if they continue to win in their upcoming matches.

Although they appeared in last year’s playoffs, the Bills struggled tremendously. After being triumphant this season in the AFC East, the Bills are a top dog contender every team must watch out for.

Carolina Panthers (NFC South)

If you look into the NFC South teams, you will hear people cheering for the Saints as the best team to represent in the league. However, you might hear a lesser crowd screaming for their name as the Carolina Panthers dominate the NFC South Divisional Round this season.

This team last appeared in the 2017 playoffs and missed the 2018 and 2019 chance. But, this year, they are leaning towards a brighter spot as they are on a three wins and two losses record, which can cause the biggest upset to this year’s leagues favorites.

Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North)

Stealing another unbowed stint in today’s NFL season are the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If the Ravens had an overwhelming kickoff season, the Steelers are making a grand entrance as top dog contenders in the AFC North.

They currently record four wins and no loss. Like the Panthers, they last appeared in the 2017 playoffs and got a two-year drought. But, today, they are establishing their name as a huge underdog contender to look out for.

Dallas Cowboys (NFC East)

Every year, the NFC has the most number of underdogs, and the Dallas Cowboys are always part of the said group. Although they haven’t started this year’s NFL season strong, the Cowboys are on a two wins and three losses record.

They are still the leading scorer for the NFC East, and you can expect more as they vie for their upcoming matches. The team’s last appearance in the league playoffs was in 2018, and they might skyrocket this year if they continue to play well.

Chicago Bears (NFC North)

NFC North has a top dog contender to watch out for this season, the Chicago Bears. Holding four wins and one loss, the Bears are likely to dominate the Divisional Rounds, given that their only biggest rival is the Packers.

The Bears are last seen in the 2018 playoffs, and they are expected to make an epic comeback this season. Like the other dogs mentioned above, the Bears should not be undervalued as they can soar high in the most unexpected matches in today’s NFL season.


The NFL crowd every season looks for the top favorites to cheer on and consider those teams as the best picks in football betting. However, you must understand that the NFL is anybody’s ballgame and can sometimes get dominated by the underrated teams in the most unexpected event. Thus, as the 2020 NFL season progresses, watch out for the top dogs mentioned above as they might defeat the favorites and take big leaps in the Super Bowl LIV finals.